How the Feoffees Wish to Develop Provision of More Support

Having described the origins and traditions of Rotherham ‘s oldest charity and how we have helped Rotherham and its citizens over almost 700 years, it is apposite to look at our aims for the future. We want to preserve and build on the rich heritage of helping Rotherham people from within and ensure that the traditions already established carry on and are enhanced for many more hundreds of years.

We are grateful for donations, of any value, that you may care to give. Use the white button to find out more or the red button to donate today.

Our oldest established tradition is of course the annual Christmas doles. We intend to continue this worthwhile tradition of the gift of ‘Doles’ to the needy at Christmas time but want to steadily increasing both the number of recipients and the monetary value of the gift that we give.

The provision of the two education scholarships and the Bursary is now well established. We would like to expand these awards to both increase the number of different scholarships available, across a range of areas and also to increase the value of each award. Our aim is to initiate a scholarship, as soon as practicable, to cover an apprenticeship thereby reflecting the practical educational needs and aspirations of others of our young people. Initially this award will probably be for a young person embarking on a level three apprenticeship although over time it would be good if sufficient monies could be raised to cover all levels of apprenticeships. It is also an aim to increase the value of all university scholarships such that they might eventually cover all three years of a full time degree course or apprenticeship.

However, we realise that this is a huge commitment both for the Feoffees and also for Rotherham, but we believe that as Rotherham’s oldest charity these objectives are well worth committing to, continuing and expanding.

To achieve, and hopefully exceed, our objectives we would like to suggest that all Rotherham inhabitants consider the Feoffees as their “first stop” charity especially as it is Rotherham’s oldest surviving charity and provides support only to Rotherham people. 

"non nobis sed omnibus – not for us but for everyone"

Rotherham Feoffees

is a registered charity (no. 223050)